We are a resort advisory company.

Aloha Hospitality Consulting is a Hawaii based resort advisory company specializing in Condominium hotels with 30 years dedicated to condo hotels including acquisition, development, real estate and securities sales, management and consulting.

We Offer a Range of Condominium Hotel Services including: Project Coordination, Condo Map & Documentation, Budget Development, Asset Management, Dispute Resolution, Allocation Analysis, Rental Management Advisory, Rental Program Owner Services.

Aloha Hospitality Consulting
Aloha Hospitality Consulting

Our Projects

We pride ourselves on a history of excellence.

Aloha Hospitality Consulting has formulated and advised on projects both locally and internationally. We have previously worked with groups such as Trump Hotels Collection and the Ritz Carlton to provide premier resort advisory programs.



Please feel free to contact Kristie Maruyama at 1-808-772-2662 or via email at kmaruyama@alohahospitality.net, or click the Contact Us button below to submit a form.