Rental Program Owner Services

Perhaps the least understood but the most influential in a successful condo hotel sales environment is our Rental Program Owner Services, through which we provide information on the rental program to future condo hotel owners.

Our Rental Program Owner Services program provides:

  • A descriptive analysis of the rental program.
  • Development of historical hotel statistics and other factual information packaged in a meaningful format.
  • Development of an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document along with other rental collateral including information on the program operator (if available).
  • Answering via phone, email, and letters, all rental program questions related to rental structure, use rights, and the financial responsibility of the repair/maintenance and upkeep of the condo units.
  • AHC associates will answer all rental program questions within the guidelines set forth by the SEC in the IntraWest “no action” letter.

AHC’s associates are experienced in condo hotel rental management and owner services, having formed rental programs and provided owner services for many other condo hotel projects. Its principal, Will Tanaka, is a former SEC licensed principal and was the financial principal of a real estate securities company that sold condo hotel securities, private placements and registered.

We participate in the developer sponsored discussions with the development team members and provide only factual representation of rental program material. All developed rental material is first circulated through the developer’s legal team for comments and revisions before diseminating it to the public.

We anticipate that the projected price range of the Project will attract buyers whose interest will focus more on the use and maintenance of their investment than on the rental opportunities

As Rental Program Owner Services Specialists, we will respond to queries relating to the rental program, and present qualified condo hotel representatives to answer questions and serve as a conduit to the project status, all within the context of SEC guidelines.

The objective of our rental program owner services is to give buyers confidence in the rental program so that they will focus on the real estate purchase.